The need to travel to and from destinations is something we experience on a daily basis, so it was obvious to Blaq Wolf that solutions be implemented to better manage this travel. In conjunction with our range of other services Blaq Wolf have engineered a superior Wolftrack GPS App providing unmatched assistance for your activities whether Walking, Hiking, Driving or even using Public Transport thereby emphasising Blaq Wolf’s versatility. Easy usage with our Wolftrack GPS App converts your smartphone into a complete personal GPS package, ensuring that you’ll have updated data whenever and wherever you are travelling worldwide.

Mapbox Integration

Mapbox are renowned for providing excellent mapping data, which is why we chose to integrate their services with our Wolftrack GPS App. By integrating Mapbox Maps with our Wolftrack GPS systems, we are able to offer users something truly comprehensive, as we know how important this is when travelling. All of the features of Mapbox Maps, including real-time crowdsourced traffic, turn-by-turn guidance, and lane instructions are available with the use of our App, allowing travelling experiences to always be issue free and as speedy as possible.

Travelling Safely on Time

Blaq Wolf’s Emergency SOS feature complements the Wolftrack GPS App perfectly. By allowing drivers to swiftly inform emergency services or friends and family of an emergency situation, there is an added safety factor. In the event of an accident by using the app navigation a Call to Emergency services and pre-set contacts can be made.

These features result in what could easily be considered the best Emergency SOS GPS tracker in Australia.

A More Personal GPS System

The Wolftrack GPS can be used for numerous other transportation options, including travelling on foot, by Car or cycling and travelling by Public transport. Mapbox provides real-time route guidance and destination durations, as it does with cars, ensuring you will never get Lost.