BlaqWolf’s Bluetooth GPS Tracker, Alarm, & Apps Make Sure You Never Lose Your Pets, Family, Or Precious Items

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Car Tracking Device by WolfTrack

In most areas of Australia, car theft is still a serious and even growing problem. Having a way to track your car’s whereabouts and possibly recover it if it is definitely going to help preserve your peace of mind. Indeed, it may even help you save some money on your car insurance policy.

The best choice you have for a car tracking device in Australia is the WolfTrack tag from BlaqWolf. These tags have the greatest range, best connectivity, and highly accurate GPS reporting ability.

Guarding against theft is not the only use for these tags. If you’ve ever ended up wandering a car park unable to remember where you parked, WolfTrack would have saved you a lot of time and trouble.

How the WolfTrack and BlaqWolf technologies can help

The first line of defence offered by the BlaqWolf app is that it can automatically alert you if any WolfTrack tags it is paired with move outside a predefined radius decided by you. If such an event occurs, the app will instantly alert you with an SMS message and email message.

This at least allows you to know your car is on the move. If it shouldn’t be, you can take action by calling the police (if you’re sure it’s a theft) and reporting what has happened.

If you’re quick enough, you could also follow in another vehicle if you stay within 110 metres of the car you’re following, but we’d never recommend this as it can be very dangerous if the thief is aware you are following.

It might cause them to speed up, which will actually put your car (not to mention other people) in more danger. If you make the mistake of also increasing speed to chase them, you’ll be breaking the law and making the situation even more dangerous. So don’t do this. It is neither necessary nor worth it.

A better way is to enable the Crowd GPS Personal Search Party mode of your BlaqWolf app. In this mode, you’ll know instantly where your car is the moment it passes within 110 metres of any other BlaqWolf enabled device. You’ll get a precise GPS location, and you’ll be able to pinpoint that location on a highly detailed map.

How fitting your car with a tracking device may help you save on insurance

Like any other business, insurance companies try to make profits by keeping their expenses below their income. Most insurance companies manage to do this very well, in part because of their extreme reluctance to pay up when an insurable event occurs.

Any time you are able to provably demonstrate you have taken active steps to reduce an insurance company’s obligation to pay up, by reducing your risk, it pleases the insurance company. Sometimes it may please them so much, they’ll be inclined to offer you a discount on your insurance premiums.

The only way to know for sure is to contact your insurance provider and check with them. If they never acknowledge any of the efforts you make to reduce their risk, you should probably start thinking about finding another insurance provider. You’re the consumer, and you have plenty of choices.

Buy your car tracker today

Don’t leave your car vulnerable to loss for a moment longer. A WolfTrack car tracker from BlaqWolf is inexpensive and really easy to use. It has a replaceable batter that will last a full 12 months before needing to be replaced.

This device can help you avoid losing your car. It’s worth getting one, and you should. Why wait? Order today and start protecting your car from loss and theft.

Our bluetooth GPS tracker, alarm and apps ensure your precious items, family or pets are always found!

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Industry Leading 85-110m Bluetooth Range

You’ll be able to see exactly where your locator is on your map (up to an industry leading 110m), all from your phone – making it easy to find what’s lost

Convenient Replaceable Batteries

You won’t need to buy a new set of GPS trackers when the batteries run out like some other brands, simply replace the batteries and you’re good to go!

Emergency SOS Distress Signals

When you find yourself in a threatening situation, or become lost, you can alert emergency services with an SOS signal so they quickly come to your aid

Lock-Down Home Perimeter

You can set up a perimeter around your home, or wherever you keep your locator, and when it goes beyond the boundary you’ll receive an SMS and email alert

Pin-Point Personal GPS Tracking

When your precious items or loved ones go missing you can easily track their whereabouts, last known location and get them home safe as quickly as possible

Crowd GPS ‘Personal Search Party’

When your locator is out of range, the extended BlaqWolf GPS network will send you an alert when it come within 110m of anyone with the Wolftrack app

Tough & Durable IPX4 Waterproof

Your locator won’t get damaged and malfunction if it goes missing in wet weather, comes into contact with a wet surface, or gets splashed with water

12months+ Long-Life Battery

Our super long-life batteries give more than 12 months’ worth of peace of mind and everyday use before you’ll need to replace them with new ones

Criminal Repelling Personal Alarm

Your Wolftrack app and locator act as a personal alarm system so when you find yourself in danger you can ward off threats and alert emergency services

call your locator With Your Phone & Vice Versa

Can’t track down your locator? You can call it if it’s in close proximity. Misplace your phone? Double tap your locator to call it. Finding things has never been this easy!

buy now - FROM $49.50


BLAQWOLF MAKES IT Easy To Find What’s Lost



Try BlaqWolf out today and see for yourself the unmatched quality and workmanship of our products. If for some strange reason your BlaqWolf product doesn’t work exactly the way it should – simply let us know and we’ll replace it for you straight away.

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    This bundle includes…

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    – SOS & GPS Tracking Apps (Usually $7)


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BlaqWolf Wolftrack GPS

Your phone turns into a personal GPS system which shows you exactly where you are at the push of a button. You can get directions to anywhere in the world, find your friends and track your location using Mapbox Maps. It’s the ideal solution for hikers, fishing, cyclists, bush walkers as well as use in cars. Download our GPS app today and see how you can benefit.

BlaqWolf Wolftrack SOS Personal Security App

In today’s violent society you can never be too sure you’re safe from criminals or other dangers. Our personal security app acts as a panic alarm which not only wards off dangers – it sends police, ambulance and a pre-set list of your contacts your distress signal so you can be sure help will be there soon. If you have children, elderly or disabled loved ones this app is the extra layer of protection they need to keep them safe.

See For Yourself Why You’re Better Off With BlaqWolf

Whether you want to keep your pet safe and sound at home, protect your family or ward off violent gangs and criminals – BlaqWolf is your number one solution. Try out BlaqWolf today and see for yourself why we’re the best Bluetooth key finder and pet finder on the market.

Protect Your Loved Ones & Precious Items

The world can be a dangerous place for you and your family. There’s nothing worse going to work and coming home to find your house ransacked and your pet or prized possessions stolen! Now you can give your family members and most important items an extra layer of protection from the gangs of thugs and brazen thieves who are out to get them.

Simply equip them with a Wolftrack locator and download the BlaqWolf Apps to get a lock on their location at all times and ensure they’re safe and sound at home.

Never Lose Your Belongings Again

Did you know the average person loses 60 hours per YEAR looking for lost items like your car keys, wallet and phone?
Do you get frustrated when you pull the couch apart and turn the house upside down just to have your item turn up where you least expect it? Well now you can forget it because our smart Bluetooth key finder locates your lost items in just a few seconds.

Simply log in and see the exact location of each of your Bluetooth wallet finders with accuracy to within 30cms. Think of all the wasted time and energy you’ll save!

buy now – FROM $49.50









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