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  • Bluetooth Range of 85+ metres or up to 290 feet
  • GPS TRACKING in real time if within Bluetooth range or use TRACK to find last known location of missing items
  • Emergency SOS feature with links to Emergency Services and preset Contact emails of Family or Friends
  • Crowd GPS that works in conjunction with other WOLFTRACK Locators to locate lost or misplaced items
  • Perimeter feature with push notification to users phone when Pet has left defined area of 5 to 50 metres or Phone or Keys left behind
  • Octagonal painted presentation Can with Logo
  • Changeable CR2032 Coin Cell 3 Volt battery with life of 12+ months

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GPS Tracker for Keys


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A New Way to Consider GPS

Blaq Wolf Holdings Pty Ltd was established in 2015 to meld highly advanced Bluetooth and GPS technologies. What came of our research and breakthroughs was a piece of technology that can easily be considered the best small tracking device— the Wolftrack Locator. The Wolftrack Locator’s incredible versatility is its main strength. Using both Bluetooth 4.0 technology in conjunction with GPS function and the Wolftrack App, the Wolftrack Locator can satisfy numerous personal demands by being well suited to many diverse conditions. The Wolftrack Locator can act as a child tracker, pet tracking device, anti-theft device, among numerous other services. The goal of the Blaq Wolf Holdings Pty Ltd Wolftrack Locator is to be a versatile enough GPS tracker to be highly adaptable for any need you may have.

Lost Becomes Found

Issues with lost or misplaced items have seemingly plagued people since the dawn of time (cavemen surely misplaced their clubs). Blaq Wolf has remedied this in the form of the Wolftrack Locator. By attaching the small Wolftrack Locator to any of your valuables, Users ensure that they won’t get lost again—no more digging under couch cushions or rifling through pockets and handbags. By having the Wolftrack Locator attached to a keychain, wherever your keys go, you’ll be aware of it. Better yet, if any of your belongings get stolen, there will always be a way to track them whether in Australia, America, or anywhere worldwide.

Tracking Adventurous Little Feet

Although the Wolftrack Locator offers a great solution to locating objects like your smartphone, keys or wallet, it is also fantastic in keeping track of unpredictable smaller people. The Wolftrack Locator is a great GPS tracking device for children as it acts as an excellent child tracker when combined with the app. This is ideal for when your little ones decide to wander off or get lost in crowds. The Wolftrack Locator ensures your curious kids have a tracking device to make sure that their little adventures can be easily managed.

An Emergency Solution

Although the tracking GPS feature of the Wolftrack Locator is incredibly useful, the Locator also serves as an Emergency SOS. Wolftrack’s Emergency SOS feature offers incredible peace of mind that you simply cannot buy — when danger presents itself, it is comforting to know that there is a way to effectively handle a problem situation. The SOS feature is linked with Emergency services Worldwide in 130+ Countries, in addition to pre-selected  email addresses of Family and Friends, ensuring that in any dangerous situation will result in considerable aid. The SOS feature also incorporates a loud Siren alarm, deterring potential threats and ensuring that others are aware of your situation.