It should be evident that for when you lose something, or need to find something in a hurry, the Wolftrack Locator is your answer. Using highly accurate real-time tracking, we ensure that if you’ve lost something, finding it will hardly be a chore. Blaq Wolf thought about how to find your lost friends. Thinking outside of the box, we have incorporated ways for you to stay in touch with friends utilising the technologies found in Blaq Wolf’s Wolftrack Locator App and we have created Wolftrack GPS and Wolftrack Friends App available on IOS and Android

Using the track feature of the free Wolftrack App allows you to easily locate your friends. SMS messages can be sent to any contacts you have pre-set, be they close friends, colleagues, or family. Our simple system allows you to arrange meetings, catch ups and even just an easy way to check how they are. It makes getting in touch with people easier. Additionally, wherever you plan to meet, the Wolftrack app utilises Mapbox to aid you with directions. The beauty of this system is that wherever you are Worldwide, you’ll be able to receive the most accurate Maps and Directions on iOS and Android devices.

Keeping Furry Friends Safe

In addition to being attached to small objects, the Wolftrack Locator is also a fantastic means of keeping track of your pet. By attaching the Locator to your pet’s collar, you’ll have a simple way of tracking your pet should they go missing (something pets seem very open to doing). Better yet, users can establish a perimeter with the help of the Wolftrack app. This pre-set perimeter consists of a defined area of between 5 and 50 metres or 270 feet; you will be informed when they leave the defined Perimeter by using pre-set Alert tones that can be previewed and Set, and can begin tracking your pet using the Wolftrack App. No longer will you have to knock on neighbours’ doors and wander down the street shouting out your pet’s name. Blaq Wolf have made it easy for you.

Stay in touch or find your lost friends easily, be they four-legged or two. Even if they are lost, make sure to get the Wolftrack Locator free App, Wolftrack GPS and Wolftrack Friends Apps available on the App Store and Google Play