A Bluetooth Tracking Device

Wolftrack Locators, available to buy in both silver and gold, offer huge versatility in tiny packages. Measuring just 38mm by 29mm, and weighing 5 grams, the octagonal teardrop-shaped Wolftrack Locators harness Bluetooth 4.0 technology and GPS technology to make anything trackable—be it pets, wallets, handbags, or as a key finder — basically anything the Locator is attached to. We aim to change your perception of GPS trackers, producing something highly versatile in a small, elegant package.

Small and Hardy

The appearance of the Wolftrack Locator might make it seem like a fragile object, however the opposite is very much true. The Wolftrack Locator is manufactured with ruggedness in mind. We expect that your Locator might go on adventures, and have made sure that it was built to withstand the rigours of different environments. As such, the Wolftrack is Waterproof, meaning that a body of water is no match for your Wolftrack Locator.

The Wolftrack Locator is also designed to last the distance—the required CR2032 battery is changeable, giving excellent power efficiency and ensuring that a change of Battery is only necessary after approximately 12 months.  Additionally, you are able to actively monitor battery levels with the  Battery level indicator on Perimeter on the Wolftrack App.

Pairing Technology with Portability

Blaq Wolf have developed three clever apps to be used in conjunction with the Wolftrack Locator – the Wolftrack App, Wolftrack GPS and Wolftrack Friends. These used in conjunction with the Wolftrack Locator provide a comprehensive way to keep track of anything you attach the Locator to, while also offering an excellent map solution. The map system used with the Wolftrack Apps allows Directions by either Walking, Car or Public Transport after typing in the required Destination.  The Bluetooth tracking device app available on iOS and Android, can be used to track objects, people, and as a highly accurate guide. It works Worldwide, meaning you can use it anywhere. Whether you’re in pine forests in America, navigating raging rivers in Iceland, or mountain trekking in Australia, you’ll be covered.

Benefits of the Crowd

Blaq Wolf’s Wolftrack Locator works even better by utilising other locators to find your lost or misplaced items. When your Locator enters a 60 to 70 metre, or 270 foot, radius of the Wolftrack app, users will immediately receive a notification detailing the exact location of the Locator on a real time Map with directions